Piki Productions


Piki Productions was started in response to a growing demand for audio/video production and post-production as well as proofreading services by doctoral candidates and research fellows for their work.  Since its inception, there has been a 100% success rate for all doctoral theses and grant/funding proposals.  This success rate not only relates to work done in proofreading the penultimate drafts of academic works, rather it also relates to all videos produced as accompanying materials to written works.   While the company is always open to commercial projects, its strong foundation in scholarly pursuits is impossible to ignore and a humble source of pride. 

Why PIKI?  The original namesake was a much beloved canary that has since passed, but what she left behind was a reminder that many of us are free to step outside of our respective cages to see the world from a different angle; whether or not we return is up to us.